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10 Secrets to growing black hair long and fast | Natural hair care for black hair growth |Step 2


Step 2 :The truth about Protein

Protein :

Protein is vital for every organ in our body. It is also very important for healthy hair since hair is chiefly made up of proteins. Keratinocytes are responsible for manufacturing keratin, a source of protein necessary for hair growth. If you do not include adequate protein in your every day diet, hair loss may take place or your hair may become brittle and dull. Loss of protein caused by different hair care products or medical conditions can also lead to damaged hair. Deficiency of protein also hampers the hair texture. Moreover, IGF-binding proteins have an effect on whether our hair is straight or curly, so even the shape of our hair depends upon protein. All these factors reveal the importance of protein for optimum hair health, especially for black hair.

Topical use of protein For long hair:

Topical protein treatments fill the gaps in the shaft or cuticle of the hair, leaving it shinier and smoother. They also help to strengthen your hair, so if you have brittle or weak hair, suitable protein treatments may repair this issue. These treatments can allow your hair to be healthier and fuller than before. Protein treatments give your hair added strength and in turn encourage its longevity.
Protein treatments that fortify weak hair generally contain vitamin B5 vitamins, antioxidants, soy, milk proteins and wheat germs that aid to restore the hair’s amino acids and enhance its resilience against damage sustained from regular styling, chemicals as well as environmental factors. Available in the form of leave-in or wash-out treatments, these protein-based hair products are highly beneficial for the nourishment of your hair. These products can also go a long way in improving your hair’s elasticity and strength. Curly and kinky hair generally tends to be quite fragile and dry even in its natural state. However, by using a protein-based conditioner you can improve the health of your hair immensely and it can be applied to any regimen.

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