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10 Secrets to growing black hair long and fast | Natural hair care for black hair growth |Step 8


Step 8 :Deep Conditioning and Recipes

  • Deep Conditioning

Importance of Deep Conditioning For Hair:

Deep conditioning is a process where conditioner is left on the hair for at least 20-30 minutes or at times overnight. For the deep conditioner to be more effective, it is essential that heat (meaning a plastic cap to hold heat, not a hot iron or blow dryer) is also used along with it. Heat can make the hair shaft swell and open the cuticles, which can allow the conditioner to penetrate inside the scalp. In addition, deep conditioning promotes elasticity; and in turn enhances the strength of the hair by making it more resilient. This aids in length retention over a long period of time.
It is very important to deep condition your hair, as a good deep conditioner can hydrate dry hair by infiltrating the shaft of the hair to reinstate moisture and prevent breakage. Moreover, a deep conditioner can assist in alleviating the regular damage we impose upon our hair through the use of extreme heat, environmental damage, manipulation and chemical treatments.
Using a deep conditioner on a frequent basis can help to add “life” to your dull hair. You hair’s moisture, elasticity, color, and basically overall health will improve due to the emollients as well as other moisturizing agents present in the conditioner. Additionally, other ingredients can help in filling the holes caused because of hair damage that leads to poor porosity.

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