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10 Secrets to growing black hair long and fast | Natural hair care for black hair growth |Step 5


Step 5 :The Proper Way to Seal

Sealing your Ends

One of the most important processes of locking in your hairs moisture is by sealing your ends. Sealing ends involves the procedure of applying oil, conditioner, cream or hair butter to the hair ends, in order to lock in the moisture and prevent occurrences of split ends.
The ends are the most delicate part of our hair and is also the oldest. It is for this very reason many African-American women experience split ends, breakage and have a hard time growing their hair long. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Apart from being gentle with your hair to maintain its length, you must also seal the ends properly

Why do my ends remain dry?

There are microscopic glands on our scalp that generate an oily substance known as sebum that helps to lubricate the hair and scalp. However, if your hair strands are very curly then it is difficult for the sebum to move down the ends of the strands. For this reason, your ends may become particularly fragile because of lack of natural oils. Also, because this is the oldest part of your hair, it has also had the most exposure to the elements as well as manipulation. Sealing your ends must be an essential part of your standard routine. Always ensure that your ends receive an adequate amount of oil after they have been properly moisturized.
Here are a few effective oils that are great for use when sealing your ends:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil:


With a thick honey like uniformity, Jamaican black castor oil can actually go a long way in sealing your ends. And, not only is this oil affordable, it is also organic, sulfate-free and promotes hair growth when applied to the scalp.

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