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10 Secrets to growing black hair long and fast | Natural hair care for black hair growth |Step 4


Step 4 :The Importance of Protective Styling

Protective styling

Protective Styling can imply a number of things, however in general, it is a hairstyle that protects the hair from various harmful elements and situations, which include pollution, heat and intense weather, both hot and cold, to prevent your hair from drying out. It also helps to prevent the strain caused to the follicles of hair from regular styling and manipulation. In order to offer your hair a much needed break, you may opt to try a protective style and go for a few days, weeks, or even months without having to comb, brush, tug or pull on your hair. This styling helps to minimize the amount of damage on your hair, and allows it the opportunity to grow long and stress-free. Protective styling does not require direct heat or further manipulation of hair. If done properly, it can help to retain moisture, prevent breakage and split ends.

Benefits Of Protective Styling:

There are several benefits of wearing a protective style for your hair. You can change your appearance, try new options during vacation, or remain chemical-free during pregnancy. Most women wear protective styles because it entails less manipulation. These styles are predominantly helpful for people who have shoulder length hair. When the hair reaches shoulder length, its ends tend to brush against clothing which can cause friction and a great amount of breakage.
Other benefits of a protective style are obtaining longer and healthier hair. The hair is protected from the elements and has the chance to grow healthier and longer since it is protected and not manipulated on a daily basis. Another advantage is that you spend less time on your hair. These styles typically involve one styling day and the styles generally last anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks. Wearing these protective styles can also reduce the instances of acne that frequently occurs when hair and hair products come in contact with your face. Lastly, many women simply enjoy the variety and look of protective styling options. The protective hair styles vary from twist extensions, Bantu knots, braids, cornrows, weaves, two-strand twists, ponytails and many more.Protective styles are styles that help to protect your hair and ends from the elements and high manipulation. Here are some great examples of protective styles.



A Bun is a great protective style, it covers the ends of the hair and always renders a timeless look. A loose bun to the back or side gives a graceful look that allows your hair to rest as well as retain moisture. Also, it is a style that is easy and simple to do.

Two-Strand Twists:

Twists work and look better on natural hair. Relaxed strands are normally slippery and too straight to hold twists in position without disentanglement.
With this protective style, you can fashion twists in numerous ways while still shielding your delicate ends.

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